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about us

Our history

Padoan Vernici is the past, the present and the future of coatings and colour.
Founder Luigi Padoan, and the three generations that have worked in the company aftehim, have made innovation and customer care their cornerstones, delivering fully customised coatings for design furniture and high-end wooden flooring.


Innovation and Technology

Padoan Vernici is a modern, flexible organisation. Thanks to the high expertise of our technical staff and to our innovation-driven approach, we are able to anticipate market demands to deliver brand new, cutting-edge solutions.
The Research and Development team at Padoan Vernici combines expertise with its knowledge of customer needs and produce innovative products that fully meet customers’ needs and quite often exceed their expectations.

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Working for a sustainable future

Sustainability has always been a priority at Padoan Vernici. We welcome this challenge and work alongside our customers on a daily basis evolving and adapting the way we do business to improve our environmental, social and economic performance.
All Padoan Vernici products are formulated in compliance with the strictest regulations to ensure the safety of both our workers and the environment. The raw materials in our formulas are certified, and our customers’ products comply with the requirements of the most important national and international certifications.
Our production and storage facilities have been designed to be energy efficient and respectful of the environment.



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All Padoan Vernici products are formulated and manufactured to meet the needs of our customers’ production facilities. Our technology is compatible with the different coating systems currently in use and our technical support staff are always on hand to offer their assistance, experience and expertise in all customers’projects, from the simplest to the most ambitious ones.


Bespoke colour

The relationship we have with our customers is unique, just like the innovative, top-quality, 100% customised products we create with and for them.
The Padoan Vernici colour specialists help customers choose the product that best meets their needs and thanks to our over 50 years’ experience in the industry, we are able to deliver customised aesthetic solutions.

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Customers-oriented approach

Our laboratories develop and produce coatings with outstanding brilliance, strength, transparency, surface hardness.
Shades, colours and special effects go through many stages before becoming prototypes: after an initial study phase, we design the surfaces they will be applied to, check the accuracy of applica- tion, test the product and control its quality and durability.
The manufacturing process combines expert craftsmanship with technological performance.